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Our kennel

The name of our kennel is a mashup of latin, Astra for a star, Lauga from Laugaricio which was the name of the place in location of Trenčín in the Roman times, as stated on the inscription carved on the rock under the castle.


Hovawart is a large, beautiful, typical dog, that is an excellent guard, as per the name of the breed (from German Hof - estate, yard; warten - to guard). It does not require a lot of grooming maintenance, the hair is self-cleaning and it is enough to just brush it once in a while. They come in three color varieties: black, blond, and black&gold. Dogs are 62-70 cm, bitches 58-65 cm at the withers.

Hovawarts are excellent companions, they watch over their families. They are ok with kids, and they do not bark without a reason. They are very intelligent and can assess the situation whether it is needed to watch or to act. Your hovawart will be exactly as you raise him, as far as activity goes, and also regarding other people. Depending on how they are raised up they may be very friendly to strangers when with his owner, or a little reserved, but not invasive or aggressive unless needed. When left alone to guard, they can be uncompromising.

Why get a pedigreed puppy?

Full pedigree is a document that guarantees not only the appearance of the mature dog but mostly their possible future temperament and health. All puppies are pretty. But puppies with unknown parents' origin may not look as hovawarts when mature, and they may have a totally different character. Moreover, hereditary flaws and illnesses may occur, such as hip dysplasia which is being eradicated by controlled breeding.

All offspring of breedable pedigreed dogs get their pedigree (applies throughout Europe). To have dogs pronounced breedable, they must pass Bonitation where not only their appearance, but also their temper is judged. Aggressive or shy individuals are not allowed to breed. Also dogs with a positive hip displasia finding (HD, Slovak: DBK, Czech: DKK) are, depending on the level of dysplasia, not allowed to breed at all, or with restrictions.

It is not difficult at all to have hovawarts pronounced breedable in Slovakia. No hard working trials are required, it is enough to have passed a Youth Presentation, RTG examination of hips, one conformation show with at least a "very good" review (which means the dogs do not differ from the standard too much and their offspring may also be called "Hovawart"), and Bonitation (where overall appearance and especially their temper is judged). Breeders who take good care of their dogs can surely find 2-3 weekends of their time to complete these.

Our puppies

So far we have had puppies only one time. You can find info about them on the page of litter A.

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