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News Archive – 2012

2nd Birthday of Litter A

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Best second birthday wishes to our litter A dogs and their owners!

Quite a bit has happened meanwhile but somehow there never was time to update this page:

In November we went to Hungary to see Anakin and his owners. He is very clever and likes to train. As a reward, he even got a young hovawart girlfriend for his lawn. We had received some pictures after the visit:

The owner of Arca sent us good news in April. They're attending training weekends and on April 15th they showed at a national show in Ostrava, in middle class. Arca was judged by Mr. Andrzej Zamoyski (PL) and placed second, Excellent, with an r.CAC title.

Last Sunday of April there was a Youth Presentation in Bojnice where the owners of Adora came to show her. She looks so much like her mother. She was very calm during the reviewing and let herself be measured and touched all over. The judge Mrs. Terézia Gargušová (SK) couldn't find any flaws about her.

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