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Monday, 14 November 2011

Over the weekend we found the time to visit the owners of two of our litter A dogs. Aimi did not forget and recognized us after a year and was very happy to see us. She grew up to be a really pretty young lady. She gets regular obedience training with her master.

It was already dark when we got to Arion's home. These short days make it impossible to take pictures late in the afternoon. Arion has a nice mighty head and is in an athletic condition – he often gets exercise running in the woods making company to his master.

BH Trial

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Today Sima has successfully passed the BH/VT Test (Begleithund/Verhaltenstest – Companion Dog and Behavior/Temperament Test), judged by Mr. Viliam Ružička (SK). Thanks goes to Zuzana and Alojz Pristach for organizing the trials.

AD Trial

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sima has successfully passed the Endurance Test (AD - Ausdauerprüfung) in Grygov (CZ) on Sunday. Judged by Mr. Miloslav Auterský.

The cold weather was great for the dogs to run in, whilst the dog handlers on bikes had to endure :) We would like to thank Mr. Lysák and others of the Olomouc Boxer club and KK Velká Bystřice for organizing the event!

Youth Presentation in Kroměříž

Friday, 30 September 2011

We went to take a look at Youth Presentation in Kroměříž (CZ) last Sunday where owners of Arca came to show her. She let the judge see her teeth exemplarily but she didn't like the measuring stick that much. So she's actually taller than measured :)

Overall, Arca is very calm. She was completely ignoring the shooting and other noises of bonitation. Nevertheless, according to her masters, she doesn't put up with everything.

Youth Presentation

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Admin's owners came to the Youth Presentation in Podskalie last Sunday. The judge Mrs. Gargušová did not find any flaws in his beauty and counted up all his teeth in their right place. The only shortcoming of Admin was his height – he will have to grow up three more centimeters before Bonitation in order to be breedable.

It's been over a year since Admin last saw his mom. They probably recognized each other, too, as they were whining and growling quite a bit at one another :)

Special Show and Camp

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On Sunday we showed Asima at the SHK Special Show in Podskalie. The judge, Mrs. Svobodová, did not spare lowered grades for all kinds of flaws, so we were very happy to receive an Excellent. We placed fourth as usual :).

We are staying at the training camp for the whole week and we're really looking forward to the Youth Presentation next Sunday where owners with dogs from our kennel should show up.

Pictures of Anakin

Thursday, 21 July 2011

In June we have received a lot of pictures of Anakin from his owners in Hungary. A small selection from among them:

Visited Augustus, Shows in Nitra

Thursday, 16 June 2011

We went to a show in Nitra two weekends ago. Twice. Sima got two r.CAC titles. However, it seems showing two days in a row wasn't the best idea... it was quite exhausting for everyone and it showed up on the second review, too :)

Some time ago we went to visit Augustus. He's grown so much that the white stripe he had on his chest is pretty much gone now. We also received a lot of pictures of Anakin from Hungary. We will post some of them, soon – stay tuned.

1st Birthday of Litter A

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

We wish a happy first birthday to our litter A dogs. May they have good health and always make their owners happy!

Visits, Club Show

Friday, 22 April 2011

The weekend before the last one we got to visit Alyssia with her family, and also Admin with family. Alyssia is just as much frisky as she used to be as a puppy, and Admin loves balls and also chewing on logs he gets to steal by the house. They are both beautifully fluffy after the winter – unlike Sima who had spent half of the winter time lying inside.

Last weekend there was a club show of the SHK near Bojnice. Besides Asima, Arion was signed up, too. Unfortunately his family could not make it and come with him this time. Mr. Langheim, the judge from Germany, noticed Sima's extra kilograms right away but still reviewed her as excellent. She placed fourth, which has now become a tradition, as it seems.

Shows, New pages of litter A

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

We've shown Sima on a show in Trenčín in January. She was liked by the judge as Excellent, with an r.CAC title. In February she was Excellent in Košice and placed 3rd.

After quite a while we've managed to put together some pictures of our litter A puppies. They were either sent by the owners or made at visits. Actually, the puppies have already grown into quite some dogs. You can find them along with other info on their individual pages:

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